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Customers of Sphere 10 Software
Click your mouse using any keyboard key
This allows you to click the mouse using your other hand and via the keyboard. Pressing the key down the key also presses down the mouse button, and releasing the key releases the mouse button.
Automatically click your mouse when your mouse stops moving
When you stop moving the mouse a click is automatically issued at the place teh mouse stops. This allows users bypass the need to click a mouse and is useful for people with serious RSI issues like trigger-finger or users with a broken finger.
Move your mouse using the arrow keys
Copies creation time, last access time, last write time of files and directories
Move mouse with keyboard arrows
When the screen mouse is visible, the arrow keys can be used to move the mouse around the screen.
Supports complex mouse gestures
Auto Mouse unique and patent pending design allows you to click, double click and drag-and-drop the mouse using only your keyboard with ease. In fact, some graphic artists report it easier to draw using the real mouse to move the cursor and the Screen Mouse to click the mouse as it distributes the physical work over both hands.
Flips the left and right mouse buttons
Used by left-handed users when using right-handed mouse
Make clicking sound when simulating a click
When simulating a click, a clicking noise is made to let you know that key was interecepted
Starts automatically on windows startup
Auto Mouse can load automatically when you start your machine
Configure all keys
The keys used to press the left, middle and right buttons as well as the key to activate the screen mouse can be configured.
Visual cues on simulated clicks
Whenever a click is issued, expanding rings can be seen to indicate the position of the click.
Highly Configurable
Every feature and setting is configurable to allow you the best configuration for your needs.
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