Auto Mouse


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Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

Interclick Duration

1. Interclick Duration
When Auto Click is enabled, this setting determines the interval between clicks when simulating a double or triple click.

Expanding Ring Size

2. Expanding Ring Size
This setting determines, in pixels, the radius of the expanding rings that are drawn around the click point when simulating a click event.

Idle Translucency

3. Idle Translucency
When the Screen Mouse is activated, as a result of mouse motion, this setting determines the translucency of the screen mouse.
It should be low, so that it does not obstruct the users view but high enough to be visible.

Active Translucency

4. Active Translucency
When the user uses the Screen Mouse (via the keyboard), this is setting determines the translucency of the mouse as it becomes active.

Discard Zone

Motion within this zone will not trigger anything. This allows some fiddle room for the user before Auto Mouse activates.
For example, for the Screen Mouse to activate, the user will need to move the mouse beyond the green circle, otherwise nothing will happen.
For small screens this circle should be smaller. For larger screens, somewhat larger. The user should choose what he or she is comfortable with.