Auto Mouse


Customers of Sphere 10 Software

General Settings

General Settings

Toggle On/Off

1. Toggle On/Off
This will toggle Auto Mouse on or off.
When on, the Auto Mouse will function with the selected mode.
When off, Auto Mouse sits in the background and does nothing.
To close the application entirely, the user needs to right-click and select Exit on the notification area icon.

Screen Mouse Mode

2. Screen Mouse Mode
When this option is selected, the Screen Mouse will show whenever you begin to move the mouse and it will fade away when you stop moving the mouse.
When the Screen Mouse is activated, you can click the mouse keys by pressing keys on your keyboard.
This mode of operation allows you to perform complex mouse actions like clicks, double clicks, drag-and-drops without you physically clicking the mouse.
You can also move the mouse using the keyboard arrows (if the setting is enabled).
The settings to configure the Screen Mouse can be found in the Screen Mouse tab.

Auto Click Mode

3. Auto Click Mode
When this mode is selected, the mouse will issue a click whenever the mouse stops moving.
The button and type of click can be configured in the AutoClick menu.
This mode of operation is less flexible than the Screen Mouse or Manual mode, but it does not require the keyboard to click the mouse, and may be suitable for users with trigger-finger RSI symptoms.

Manual Mode

4. Manual Mode
This mode will require the user to manually activate the Screen Mouse using a keyboard key.
Then the user can use the click buttons using the Screen Mouse, just as in mode 1.
The user will then manually de-activate the Screen Mouse.
This mode is useful for Graphic Artists, or CAD-related applications to allow more accuracy in drawing mouse operations.

Flip Mouse Buttons

5. Flip Mouse Buttons
This feature flips the left and right mouse buttons to assist left-handed users use right-handed mice (or vice-versa).

Expanding Rings

6. Expanding Rings
When selected, an expanding ring will appear centered on where a click was simulated.

Keyboard Keys

7. Keyboard Keys
This will allow the user to control the mouse cursor using the keyboard keys.

Click Sounds

8. Click Sounds
This option will make a click sound whenever a mouse button is clicked down or up via the Screen Mouse.
This feature is recommended for users of financial-related applications so the user is alterted when a key is intercepted for the Screen Mouse as opposed to having that key enter a digit in a cell of spreadsheet for example.

Auto Start

9. Auto Start
If this option is selected, this will make the application load automatically when Windows stars.

Close Button

10. Close Button
This will minimize the application into the notification area. To close the application, you must right click and select 'Exit' on the notification area icon.

Factory Settings

11. Factory Settings
This option will restore all settings back to their default values determined by Sphere 10 Software.