Auto Mouse


Customers of Sphere 10 Software


Auto Mouse is a program designed to relieve the use of the computer mouse by allowing the user to:
  1. Click the mouse using keyboard keys

    When you begin to move the mouse, a small icon of a mouse will appear alongside your cursor. This is known as the Screen Mouse.

    The Screen Mouse allows the user to click the mouse by using the keyboard keys. Pressing 1 will click the left button, 2 will click the middle button and 3 will click the right button. The keys can be changed via the Screen Mouse settings screen.

  2. Move the mouse using the keyboard keys

    When the Screen Mouse is visible, the user can move it around using the keyboard arrow keys.

  3. Automatically click the mouse when the mouse stops moving

    Alternatively, the user can elect to have a click issued whenever the mouse stops moving.
Auto Mouse starts automatically when the user logs on and continues to run seamlessly in the background.