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Sell our software from your website and earn a full 30% commission on each sale! No signup costs, no development costs, become an affiliate in just 10 minutes!

Here's how our affiliate programme works:

  • You promote our product on your website with a 'Download' link.
  • The customer downloads our software from your site.
  • The customer decides to purchase the software and the sales processor detects the download came from your site.
  • The customer completes the transaction and 30% of the net sale is awarded to your affiliate account.
  • Every month, you get mailed a check with your commission.
  • That's it! Each sale you drive from your website earns you a full 30% commission.

All you have to do is promote our products on your website, be it with a text description, few images and a BuyNow link, and you can be on your way to massively boosting your online sales revenues.

Our benefit in this relationship is the simple fact that you increase our sales channels and help make sales that we otherwise would not have made.

Since the sales processing is hosted by the 3rd party company, RegNow, you may have full control and confidence in this process and be sure that absolutely no leakage can occur. Every sale you drive earns you 30% pure profit!


If you would like to sell shrink-wrapped versions of our software (i.e. box, CD, manual, etc) then we provide you with extensive marketing materials (e.g. brochures, PowerPoint presentations, CDs with your own personal branding, white papers and more). During the sales process (including software pilots), we provide you and your client with technical sales support. We offer you commissions that make working with our software a great business decision.

If you are interested in a reseller relationship, contact us.

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