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About Us

Sphere 10 Software is a privately-held company specializing in software development for desktops.

Currently in our 5th year of continuous operation, Sphere 10 Software is a software company with long-term stability. We have no long-term debt, we've been profitable two months after we started, and we reinvest our profits into further research and development.

Here are some of the reasons our service is superior:


Sphere 10 Software builds quality software never compromising sound programming principles and established design patterns. We use the right tool for the job. We apply advanced development methodologies to ensure high quality and low issue rate.

Our Software is our art - we do not compromise perfection.

Experience and Expertise

Sphere 10 Software was founded at a time when truly reliable software was hard to find. You'll benefit from our years of experience and top notch technical expertise. We have the knowledge and experience to keep your business online and running smoothly.

We have extensive experience dealing with large organizations including corporations and "Fortune 500" companies. We have extensive international experience. Our development processes include requirements gathering, design and architecture, bug fixing, testing and on-site customization.

Price and Performance

Sphere 10 offers a full range of development services and products at the price that fits your budget. No matter how large or small your company is now, we offer the affordable path that will meet those needs for years and years to come.

As we have top-notch quality development partners in Eastern Europe and India,  we are able to offer services at a significant discount.

So why choose our products and services for your business?

Most software companies make the same claims. It's no wonder you are comparing them. You've read the list of advantages, so here's the executive summary:

  • We're profitable
  • We set the standards
  • We're honest and reliable
  • We offer the best software at the fairest price

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