File Server Migrator


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Copy files and directories
Copies all directories and files recursively.
Copy local users and groups
Copy local users, local groups and their membership between remote hosts. Will automatically copy these objects as encountered in security and audit permissions.
Copy timestamps
Copies creation time, last access time, last write time of files and directories.
Copy file attributes
Copies read, archive, system and hidden attributes of files and directories.
Copy security permissions
Copies all file and directory security permissions exactly as defined on source object.
Copy audit rules
Copies all file and security auditing rules exactly as defined on source object.
Copy ownership
Copies all file and directory ownership exactly as defined on source object.
Copy shares
Will copy any shares defined for directories, and provides UI for user to manually import file, print or device shares.
Copy share permissions
Will copy all share permissions.
Reuses existing local users and groups
Before importing local users and groups, it will try to reuse them if already existing (by name) on the target machine.
View local system Security Identifiers
Gets a list of all machine, user and group Security Identifiers defined on a local machine.
Search local or remote file-system for Security Identifier usage
Identify files and directories which define rules for a certain object.
Replace local or remote security identifier usage
Replace security rules for users, groups or arbitrary SID with another.
Works on workgroups
Servers do not need to be connected to a domain to copy all objects.
Administrative override
Copier will not quit on access defined, but attempt to grant itself access to such objects.
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