SID Search/Replace Screen

SID Search/Replace Screen

This screen allows you to replace permissions of a specific user/group to a new user/group.


You can use this screen to brute-force update permissions to new users. For example all objects which define permissions for a local (or domain) user 'Joe' can be updated to user 'Bob' by simply entering the SIDs of those users respectively.

1 .

Defines the directory to search/replace SID usage. To search/replace on a remote machine, specify a UNC path.




2 .

Defines the registry key to search/replace for SID usage.


To search a remote registry, specify the hostname.


The search the entire registry, specify '\'.

3 .

Specifies the set of SIDs you want to search for and replace with.


You may enter many SIDs to search for by separating them with a comma.


You can only supply one SID that all those SIDS will be replaced with.

4 .

This will begin the search/replace.


To search/replace sub-directories and sub-registry keys, the checkbox must be selected.