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We are currently developing the following software products.

Easy Documents Organizer

Organize documents scrambled across your computer. Access and add new documents easily. Integrates into all applications.

Easy Password Keeper

Keep your passwords, software keys, credit card numbers, passport numbers in a central and secured place. Access them all using a master password.

Vista Explorer Bar

Theme-compliant Explorer Bar control for Vista/XP/2003/2000. Full source available.

Advanced Software Licensor

Add licensing to your  .NET shareware and revoke pirate licenses. Easy and superior licensing solution.


Create functions, graph equations in 2D and 3D. Support complex numbers. Slick UI!

FBI Delete

Military-strength file deletion to protect your privacy. Files cannot be recovered through other software or magnetic resonance scanners. Works on directories, file names, file data, compressed volumes. Also cleans secret index.dat file.

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